Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hairy Ankles

Things I said I would never do when I became a parent that I totally do now:

1. Let my daughter run free in public places.
           She is just so stinkin wiggly! She runs up to strangers, touches things on shelves and spills her drinks all over store floors. I am officially one of "those" parents. bummer.
2. Over-snuggle the poor little child.
         I just can't stop kissing her cute little cheeks. She is going to hate me in about 2 years. "Mom! Stop touching me!!!!"
3. Clean up bodily fluids.
          I swore I would never clean up massive poop or barf. But unfortunately, I have no choice. double bummer.

Crazy Dream of the week (This is a good one):

This is a short little dream, but it was so weird that I had to share it.
I was with my sister Christi, and we were trying on new shorts for the summer. She looked down at my legs and said "ewww, you missed your ankle hairs!" I looked at my ankles, and on the back of them was a gross tuft of hair. It looked like a mustache on the back of my leg! It was so nasty. So I decided to shave them, but it was too thick. I had to use a clipper and a razor, but I couldn't get rid of all of the hair. I was left with a little chico stache on the back of my ankle.  HA!

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