Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breath it in!

Welcome Home, Self!


I am trying Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist because I'm a BzzAgent, and because I'm awesome. Both are the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice scent. 

The first day I tried it I was surprised by how strong of a scent the diffuser diffused... (hehe) I was a little bummed because I was expecting it to be more subtle. BUT! About 12 hours later, the scent relaxed a little bit and now it's PERFECT! It is so lovely to walk into a house that smells warm and apple and cinnamon-ish. I love it. I've only ever used fragrance sprays, and I am happy to say that I am a converted Oil Diffuser user.

I also have liked the Fragrance Mist. It's perfect for our family because we occasionally have a stinky baby. When the baby gets extra smelly, we spray the mist and Presto! the smell is gone.

I've got coupons. Everyone should try these! Seriously. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Fancy :)

I tried out my new BIC Soleil Savvy razor this week, and let me tell ya, it was marvelous. 
It had a nice non-slippery grip. Even with my soapy hands I had no problem holding on to it. It gave me a nice close shave on my legs. 
I also used it on my underarms. I have been buying really cheap razors lately because I was getting really sick of paying big bucks for cartridge re-fills for my nice razor. My cheap razors would always get clogged up with the deodorant under my arms no matter how hard I scrubbed before shaving. It drove me crazy! I would go through at least one disposable razor a week because I could never get arm pit gunk out of it (tmi... maybe?). I had no problem rinsing any soap or deodorant goo out of this razor. 
So far, I'm really impressed. My next test is to see how long the blades last. 

Let me know if you want coupons for these. They retail for $7.50 and my coupon is for $3 off! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Superman and Lois Lane... Head Chef?

I've been watching all of the seasons of Smallville, the show about how Clark Kent became Superman. My friend Kristyn is lending them to me season by season and I am ADDICTED. It's not healthy. 

This dream was a direct result of me watching two episodes right before falling asleep:

Clark Kent and I (I was Lois Lane and my husband Dan was Clark, lucky me) decided that it was time to purchase a house in Metropolis so that Clark/Superman could be close to his work (protecting Metropolis). We found a beautiful mansion on an island overlooking the city, but it was falling apart. We decided that was fine and we bought it and turned it into a glorious house and a restaurant... what? 
Suddenly, I was Lois, Head Chef of my house restaurant and mother of two babies who I don't know. The dream became a story of how stressed I was working full time and being a mom while my super husband was always gone saving the world. My nails even started pealing off... nasty.
One night, while I was carrying my baby son upstairs to change his poopy diaper, we were attacked by one of my sous chefs. I decided that the best defense would be to stick my poopy butted child into this dudes face. It WORKED! He fell over dead.

The end.

I woke up and immediately told my hubby. He was not too excited because I have dreams like this every night. :)


BAH! So excited for this one!

I just received a free package of Bic Soleil Savvy razors in the mail, and I am super excited. (This is another product from my BzzAgent friends) I learned in my BzzKit (info packet from the company) that these give the same shave as an expensive razor with disposable cartridges but they only cost 7.49. They come in a package with 4 disposable cartridges and a disposable handle, and when you use them up you just toss the whole thang. 
I've bought new cartridges recently for 14+ dollars, so believe me, I am amazed by these razors only being 7.49. 
I can't wait to try them this afternoon, I'll keep you posted on my leg smoothness.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ouch! You bit me!

Dear people of the world,

Do not stick your finger in a teething child's mouth unless you are wearing protective gear. Their teeth are very sharp, and will cut through your tender finger skin. Don't be tempted by your desire to feel their new little teeth, it will only cause you pain.

Someone who knows.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a little review

I have been using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and conditioner for a full week. It is a product designed to heal dry or damaged hair.
At first I didn't really notice a change, but I can definitely see it now. This product is really heavy. I don't know if I would recommend it for people with straight or slightly wavy hair like mine. When I dry it right after it is washed it looks oily in the front around my face. It weighs down my hair, and almost eliminates my waves.
I think this product would be GREAT for people with curly damaged hair. It would calm the frizz really well, and weigh down some of the poof.

Although this product might not be right for me, I think it is worth a try for some of you with unruly curls.

P.S. I am starting a new BzzCampaign in a couple of weeks! I will be getting high heel shoe inserts from Dr. Scholl's!! Get excited!!