Thursday, June 21, 2012

Superman and Lois Lane... Head Chef?

I've been watching all of the seasons of Smallville, the show about how Clark Kent became Superman. My friend Kristyn is lending them to me season by season and I am ADDICTED. It's not healthy. 

This dream was a direct result of me watching two episodes right before falling asleep:

Clark Kent and I (I was Lois Lane and my husband Dan was Clark, lucky me) decided that it was time to purchase a house in Metropolis so that Clark/Superman could be close to his work (protecting Metropolis). We found a beautiful mansion on an island overlooking the city, but it was falling apart. We decided that was fine and we bought it and turned it into a glorious house and a restaurant... what? 
Suddenly, I was Lois, Head Chef of my house restaurant and mother of two babies who I don't know. The dream became a story of how stressed I was working full time and being a mom while my super husband was always gone saving the world. My nails even started pealing off... nasty.
One night, while I was carrying my baby son upstairs to change his poopy diaper, we were attacked by one of my sous chefs. I decided that the best defense would be to stick my poopy butted child into this dudes face. It WORKED! He fell over dead.

The end.

I woke up and immediately told my hubby. He was not too excited because I have dreams like this every night. :)

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