Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Fancy :)

I tried out my new BIC Soleil Savvy razor this week, and let me tell ya, it was marvelous. 
It had a nice non-slippery grip. Even with my soapy hands I had no problem holding on to it. It gave me a nice close shave on my legs. 
I also used it on my underarms. I have been buying really cheap razors lately because I was getting really sick of paying big bucks for cartridge re-fills for my nice razor. My cheap razors would always get clogged up with the deodorant under my arms no matter how hard I scrubbed before shaving. It drove me crazy! I would go through at least one disposable razor a week because I could never get arm pit gunk out of it (tmi... maybe?). I had no problem rinsing any soap or deodorant goo out of this razor. 
So far, I'm really impressed. My next test is to see how long the blades last. 

Let me know if you want coupons for these. They retail for $7.50 and my coupon is for $3 off! 

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