Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's get it started.

My dream for my new blog:

1. To document some of my silly parenting moments.
2. To share reviews on new products I am trying.
3. To jot down ideas for children's/young adult books that are always coming into my head 4. To write down some of the CRAZY dreams that I have... which happens a lot.

Parenting moment of the day:

How do you prevent a 14 month old from kissing strangers on the lips?

She is a very social and loving child. It is super cute that she has no fear of strangers, but, COME ON! Kissing? Really? I didn't think this would be a battle until at least middle school... well kissing, not the kissing strangers part.

Crazy dream of the week:

So in my dream land, instead of burying our dead in the ground we would just preserve them and keep them in our houses. They would look like plastic, floppy, shiny versions of themselves. Quite creepy.
So I had a couple of dead bodies of people I didn't even know hanging from the ceiling in garbage bags in the middle of my hallway. I didn't like them there because they were creeping my out (DUH!), so I decided to fold them up neatly and store them under the bed in the guest room. My brother (who is 23, but was about 13 in my dream) decided he wanted to play a joke on my sister Christi (who was the correct age). He opened up a dead body bag and chopped up some of the fingers. He then pulled off some miscellaneous body parts and sprinkles them all around the guest room where Christi was staying. He even made a salad with some of the finger chunks.
Christi went into the room and almost had a heart attack. I ran up there and got extremely mad, not because he had decimated the peoples bodies, but because he had made such of mess of my recently organized corpses.

Does this mean I'm crazy?


  1. No. If that meant you're crazy then I am clinically insane......*cough* :)

  2. Jan, I like your dreams.
    I especially like this one because I didn't die in it.